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Rockdale Brooks LLC


Here you will find all the properties fro Rockdale Brooks LLC.

13-17 Rockdale St, Worcester, MA


13 Rockdale St: 4 bedroom single family house located on quiet Rockdale St. The house sits on roughly 12,000 sq ft of land.  It has a private driveway that can fit approximately 5 cars.


17 Rockdale St: Large multi family with three apartments.  First and second floor each have 4 bedrooms and are roughly 1500 sq.ft in size.  The third floor is a tad smaller only having 3 bedrooms and is roughly 1000 sq.ft in size.  The property has a parking lot that can fit roughly 35 cars.

24 Rockdale Street, Worcester, MA

2 buildings are located at this location. One of the buildings is a 4450 Sq. Ft. Warehouse and the other is a 2200 Sq. Ft. office building. The building is located in a MG.-5 Zone.

10 - 20 Rockdale Street, Worcester, MA


This building is the future home for the Worcester Recovery High School.  Central Massachusetts Special Education Collaborative (CMSEC) is spearheading the project.  The high school will take up 20,000 sq ft of the 70,000 total sq.ft   The rest of the building is still being rented from OS Walker Magnetics.

2 Brooks Street, Worcester, MA



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