Winchendon Park LLC


Along with commercial Real Estate, Elias has acquired a plethora of residential Real Estate.

434 - 436 Park Ave, Worcester, MA


This property consists of three buidlings.  Two of the buildings are commerical businesses and the third is a two family house.  The property has a parking lot in the back that can fit approximately 20 cars. The property is home to Kay's Barbershop which has been there for over 35 years. The residential building located on this property is a two family house. The two units each have two bedrooms and are roughly 1000 sq ft in size. The units are heated by natural gas. 

48-60 Central St, Winchendon, MA


This property is 5 unit commerical strip/retail building located on Central St in Winchendon. 

484 Main St, Worcester, MA


This property is an office condo located in the legendary Denholm Building in downtown Worcester.  The unit is currenty divided into two separate adjacent 650sq. ft. units.  Condos are located on the first floor with frontage on Main St


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Sargon Realty LLC is the ownership and management company for an 8 unit commercial retail/strip building located at 198 Worcester St, Grafton, MA 01519. Sargon Realty LLC was espablished in 2004 and Elias Hanna is the sole owner of the LLC.

Charlton Trolley, LLC is the ownership and management company for a 3.5 MW solar field located in Oxford, MA.  Previously it was the managing company for a 10,000 sq ft building with 6 office spaces located in Charlton, MA. It was sold in August, 2011. 

Winchendon Park LLC is the ownership and property management company for 4 differnet income properties located in Worcester and Winchendon. The Properties total 7 Commercial Units and 2 Residential units

Rockdale Brooks, LLC is the ownership and management company for 5 different properties located on Rockdale St, Worcester, MA 01606. The property consists of 1 single family residence, 1 3 unit multifamily, and 3 different industrial buildings and 2 parking lot that can fit approximately 250 vehicles.

Grafton Ishtar LLC is the ownership and management company for an 5 unit commercial building located at 135 Westboro Rd, N. Grafton, MA 01536. The property consists of 5 commercial units along with a parking lot that can fit approximately 40 vehicles.

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